Thai Balance Massage Vouchers

To pamper and relax

It’s so easy to give a piece of joie de vivre.

Give your loved ones time to feel good, time for yourself. Make a loved one a great pleasure.

With our vouchers this is quick and easy..

  1. Visit us in our centrally located massage studio on Gredlerstraße, near Taborstraße / Schwedenplatz.
  2. Select the duration of the treatment.
  3. You can take the voucher with you right away.
  4. The type of massage need only be determined when redeeming the voucher.

Or you reserve the voucher by calling us or writing us an e-mail and then pick it up in the store.

Important NOTE:

We don’t want to send vouchers for organizational reasons and because of the costs.

Rules for redeeming vouchers:

  • Vouchers issued for a specific treatment period can only be used for this period. For example, it is not possible to use a 60 minute voucher for two treatments of 30 minutes each.
  • Vouchers issued for a specific value can be redeemed in stages. As soon as the value of the voucher falls below the price of the treatment, the difference must be paid.
  • Only the original vouchers are valid. Photographs or copies of vouchers will not be accepted.

Reserve a voucher