Healthy back

Massage against back pain

Combination of various massage techniques with a relaxing effect for the entire back. Alternatively, as Thai massage or oil massage.

Possible causes of frequent or chronic back problems are, for example, long sitting and / or standing, suboptimal posture, stress or emotionally stressful situations.

Try to counteract the causes in everyday life. Try to tighten your posture. Take every opportunity to move a bit.

Our treatment will be tailored to your needs and will be discussed with you prior to treatment. With “healthy back” we massively massage the following areas in comparison to the normal full body massage:

  • In back pain, the tension usually show in the upper or lower part of the spine.
  • Often mobility is limited or chronic pain and tension are noticeable.
  • Therefore, a massage of the entire back is performed.
  • The application of various techniques, from firm (strong), selective pressure to gentle strokes of the entire back, but possibly also the tense muscles in the shoulder and neck area can release the tension.

We do not perform treatments for disc problems. Here a massage can even be a hindrance because the hardened muscles lead to a useful stiffening of the spine.

You can book a “healthy back” as a therapeutic focus on the basis of Thai massage or oil massage.

Important note:
We do not carry out any healing massages. However, our wellness massages can relieve tension and thereby relieve pain.

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