Thai pur

Thai Massage

Traditional full body massage for well-being or with a therapeutic focus. Blockages are released, the joints positively mobilized and the muscles stretched. It is the ideal middle course between therapy and wellness.

The Thai massage consists of stretching  movements, joint mobilizations and pressure point massages. Ten selected energy lines are worked on by gentle stretching and with the rhythmic pressure of the thenar, thumb, knees, elbows and feet.

Thai massage has therapeutic effects, balances the effects of stress and increases physical well-being.


  • improved mobility through rotations, flexions and extensions of the spine
  • Promote blood circulation and lymph flow by lifting the legs
  • Improved circulation of the internal organs and thus stimulation of the metabolism
  • Increasing physical well-being through careful touchn

This can alleviate the following physical ailments:

  • headache
  • sleep disorders
  • back pain
  • Release of tension

The Thai massage takes place on a massage table. We provide the clothing.

Before starting the treatment, we will discuss your wishes with you. Our Thai massage is a full body massage and available in the following variants:

  • Full body massage for well-being and relaxation
  • Headache Adé” as a full body massage with a focus on the head and neck in case of headache
  • Agiler Neck” as a full body massage with a focus on neck tension
  • Mobile Shoulders” as a full body massage with emphasis on strained shoulders
  • Healthy Back” as a full body massage with a focus on back problems
  • individual treatment

Duration: 1 hour | 1,5 hours | 2 hours

Character: powerful-dynamic to gentle-relaxing

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